Work Permit Cancellation

Work Permit Cancellation

Responsible Entity: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

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Guide to Cancel Work Permit


This service can be used by employers to cancel the work permits of their employees (work permit holders).


  • The applicant should have an active work permit and should meet either of the following requirements:

Reason for cancellation


Contract Completion /Resignation

Work permit holder has departed from the Maldives.

Death of Work Permit holder

Work permit holder is deceased.

Marriage Visa

A request for marriage visa is submitted to Maldives Immigration

Corporate Resident Visa

A request for a corporate resident visa is  submitted.

Non-Diplomatic Visa

A request for a non-diplomatic visa is submitted to Maldives Immigration.

Diplomatic Visa

A request for a diplomatic visa is submitted to Maldives Immigration.


Work permit holder is sentenced by a court of law.


  • The eligibility criteria of the applicant is dependent on the reason for the cancellation request. Relevant information and notification will be displayed on the portal at the time of application.

  • The required quota slot fee should be paid.

  • The required work permit fee should be paid. However, if the fee cannot be paid due to any of the limiting factors (quota, passport, employment contract, work permit insurance, work permit medical), an option to pay the work permit fee would be available with a fine.

How to apply

  • You can apply using an Efaas account.

  • Logging into your own account will direct you to the oneGov homepage.

Documents required 

Below are the documents required based on the cancellation reason

  • Change to corporate resident visa: corporate resident visa approval letter 

  • Change to marriage visa: marriage certificate

  • Incarceration: court judgement document

  • Death of the work permit holder: death certificate 

  • Other cancellation reasons: no documents are required

After you apply

  • After successful submission a notification will be sent to your email and phone. 

  • You can check the status of the request from the history tab.

  • Should the status of your application be changed to “Incomplete”, you will receive a notification along with the remarks via email and phone.

  • The work permit will be automatically cancelled in real time if all the dues are settled OR if the application requires document verification, the application will be updated to “On-Hold” or “Approved”.

  • If the employer has pending dues the application will be automatically updated to “on-hold” status. You will be requested to pay if there are any dues.

  • In cases where the employer has agreed to proceed with the cancellation with payment of a fine, a fine will be generated at the time of application.

Other related payments

Work permit fees should be settled before applying for a cancellation request.

All of the following requirements should be met to pay the work permit fee:

  • The passport should be valid

  • The quota should be valid

  • Insurance should be valid

  • Employment contract duration should be valid

  • Work permit medical should be valid

Required validity duration will be based on the selected reason for cancellation, the portal will show the details when submitting the cancellation application.

You can either update to meet the aforementioned requirements or pay the fine for violating the Regulation on Expatriate Employment (2021/R-16), to proceed with the work permit cancellation request.

  • Cancellation fine of MVR 2000 is charged if any factor required is invalid.

  • The cancellation fine is charged for, per work permit fee year (work permit fee cycle 1-year duration, not calendar year).

  • The calculation of cancellation fines is based on the factor with the oldest expiry date. This means that the fines are determined by considering the expiration dates of the relevant factors.

Payment notification

  • Once your application has been approved, you will receive a notification to pay the pending fees via email and SMS if there are any dues.

  • If the work permit was cancelled with a fine, you will receive a notification to pay the fine via email and SMS

  • You will receive the BandeyriPay link via email for making the online payment.

  • Choose the agency and the service for which you want to make a payment.

  • Fill in the reference number and other details before proceeding with the payment.

  • You will receive an SMS notification after your payment is processed.

Estimated time frame

  • Cancellation requests submitted due to ‘contract completion’ or ‘resignation’ will be processed in real time, given that all dues are settled.

  • All other duly completed applications will be processed within 7 business days.

  • If any additional verification is required, for the submitted documents and other provided information, the application may take longer than the standard time frame.

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