Work Permit Medical

This service can be used to conduct confirmatory tests on suspected cases of diseases that should be reported as per the criteria of obtaining a work permit. Additionally, you will receive details about the disease and treatment options.

Responsible Entity: Health Protection Agency

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  • The applicant should be an authorised health facility to conduct this service.

How to apply

  • You can apply using an Efaas account.

  • Logging into your own account will direct you to the oneGov homepage.

Documents required

  • Filled Communicable Disease Notification Form

  • Lab reports of the expatriate

  • Passport copy of the expatriate

  • Work permit document of the expatriate issued by the Ministry of Economic Development

After you apply

  • After successful submission, a notification will be sent to email and phone. 

  • You can check the status of the request from the”My Application” tab.

  • Once the application is processed, the status of the application will change to “Completed”.

  • After obtaining the results of medical screening tests, the Health Protection Agency will make necessary arrangements for the confirmatory tests. The appointment time will be communicated via SMS.

  • You can get it from the hospital or clinic where you initially had the testing if your medical records indicate that you tested negative for the diseases specified.

Estimated time frame

  • All duly completed applications will be processed within  5  business days 


When should an expatriate do a work permit medical?

After arrival to the Maldives (within 15 days of arrival).

Can I get the work permit medical report from Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH)?

No, only the clinic where the medical screening test was carried out has permission to access this information. You would have to inquire with the clinic regarding the results.

What happens if an expatriate tests positive for one of the diseases listed on their medical?

Depending on a decision by the Health Protection Agency , the Ministry of Economic Development has the authority to grant or deny a work permit. If the work permit is denied, the employer would be informed and the expatriate should depart from the Maldives without delay.

If an expatriate tested positive for one of the diseases listed on their medical, who would be in charge of arranging for their departure?

The Employer should be responsible for making the arrangements for an employee's departure in accordance with the guidance from the Health Protection Agency.

Where should I go to get the confirmatory tests done?

Confirmatory tests can be carried out only in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

What would happen if medical examinations identified cases that are potential lung problems?

The patient would be to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital's Respiratory Infectious Disease and Diagnostic Unit (RIDDU) for additional testing if there are any suspected cases of lung problems.

What would happen if confirmatory test results show suspected cases of diseases from the blood samples?

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital will send the results of the confirmatory test to Health Protection Agency.

What would happen if the confirmatory test results show negative to the mentioned diseases?

Health Protection Agency will send the report to the clinic or medical facility where the test was initially done. The medical report will be issued to the patient from the medical facility or clinic.

What would happen if the confirmatory test results show positive to the mentioned diseases?

The patient will be requested to visit Health Protection Agency during official working days between 9 am and 12 pm with the physical passport and employment approval. . The patient will be given further information about the diseases, possible options for treatment and will be given counselling if needed. Furthermore, these documents will be shared with the employer and relevant authorities.

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